Gunmetal Rosary

“A rosary you can take to the grave.” my mom said.

I got this rosary from Roman Catholic Gear. It’s a WWI style combat rosary with a gunmetal finish.

Rosaries are one of those items that people tend to have too many of. I see it almost as cheapening the devotion to a trinket you have lying around.

To say a good rosary takes both time and effort.

Chances are, you already struggle to pray the one rosary, so why do you have ten different ones?

I firmly believe that choosing to invest in an expensive but high-quality rosary was instrumental in increasing my devotion to the rosary and has helped me to say it more regularly. I don’t know about you, but having a singular, precious, indestructible rosary that I carry on my person daily gives me a sense of commitment and duty to it.

This rosary can definitely take someone’s eye out if you’ve got a good aim.