Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

I was always more of a trackpad person, but my work started to get taxing on my wrist and I knew that I had to get a more ergonomic solution for the sake of my hands.

I knew that the MX Master was the best mouse on the market, however I was extremely hesitant due to the rubber material it was coated with. My SSD was made with a similar material, along with my Zoom H5N, and both started to get extremely sticky after awhile.

One day I went to my best friend’s place and I saw that he had the older version of the MX Master mouse, and it felt amazing. According to him, he had it for more than a year and the rubber was still in perfect condition.

A week later, I bought it.

This mouse has been amazing for my workflow. As someone who works with video/audio timelines that require a lot of “sideways scrolling”, the horizontal scroll wheel is perfect. With numerous customisable buttons, I can now do most of my workflow one-handed.

The connection is seamless, the battery lasts forever, and it even uses USB-C!