Lumix GH5 Camera

The Lumix G85 was the first “proper camera” I owned. As somebody who wanted to travel light, the micro-four-thirds system was perfect for me. With the small build factor and lenses that weren’t bigger than the camera, I never had to worry about lugging a bulky camera around.

That trusty G85 allowed me to get my start with doing some freelance video production, and once I had saved up enough money, I bought myself a Lumix GH5, along with a 12-35mm, f2.8 fixed aperture lens.

That was when I learnt that it was never about the camera, but the glass (lens).

This is now my main camera setup that never fails to capture excellent, sharp, highly quality footage.

I even hook it up to an ecamm to do livestreams.

Once, I broke the HDMI port and it was impossible to fix. But I managed to sell it off to somebody who didn’t need the HDMI port, and used the money to buy another second-hand GH5 for just slightly more.

However, I am looking for a more compact solution. I’ve seen many compact full frame cameras, however the lenses are the size of water bottles.

Until then, I’m very satisfied with my GH5.