But then I saw her, and I came sprinting back.

Eyes wide open, my attention, she did not lack.

Like a magnet, she attracted.

A fishing line. she reeled me in.

Surely this was considered a sin?

My gaze was fixed.

On her eyes, not her hips.

For they stared right into my soul and made a hole in my heart.

How they sparkled, how they glittered,

like stars that were scattered,

across skies and space.

Those eyes defied logic,

and time no longer mattered.

As seconds become minutes,

and days become years,

admiration became fancy,

and infatuation became love.

Loving from a distance, never was easy.

Even if she was right in front of me.

My friends would probably wonder,

what on earth I saw in her,

But alas, I realised,

That I did not have any.