Sony ZV1

Before I went to Cape Town, I knew that I needed a small, portable, point and shoot camera for making vlogs, because I was not about to be that stereotypical Asian tourist with a camera. I had been eyeing the Sony ZV1 for awhile due to the way it was optimised for video creators. Stabilisation, […]

Schick Trimmer

Being from a single mom family, I never had a father figure in my life who taught me how to shave. When my moustache started making me look like a creepy sex offender, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bought myself one of these. I was about 17 then. Fast forward […]

Gunmetal Rosary

“A rosary you can take to the grave.” my mom said. I got this rosary from Roman Catholic Gear. It’s a WWI style combat rosary with a gunmetal finish. Rosaries are one of those items that people tend to have too many of. I see it almost as cheapening the devotion to a trinket you […]

Eminent Suitcase

A fairly large suitcase that my mom still insists is too small. My mom got me this suitcase before I went to Los Angeles. I wasn’t sucked into the concept of “carryon only” back then, but it was a good trip for me to truly realise how much people actually overpack. Throughout my time in […]

Eminent Cabin Suitcase

When I wanted to start travelling carryon-only, I knew that I needed a hard-case cabin bag that looked sleek and inconspicuous to avoid drawing attention from staff who might want to weight my bag that would definitely be overweight. I decided to get one that was matching with my larger suitcase, one that I barely […]

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a famous Youtube musician. I’ve gone through many microphones including the Blue Yeti, MXL V67G, Shure SM57, Rode NT1, and Rode Podmic. If there’s one lesson I’ve learnt from going through several microphones, it’s that condenser mics are only for people who have sound-treated rooms. I’ve used […]

Lumix GH5 Camera

The Lumix G85 was the first “proper camera” I owned. As somebody who wanted to travel light, the micro-four-thirds system was perfect for me. With the small build factor and lenses that weren’t bigger than the camera, I never had to worry about lugging a bulky camera around. That trusty G85 allowed me to get […]

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

I was always more of a trackpad person, but my work started to get taxing on my wrist and I knew that I had to get a more ergonomic solution for the sake of my hands. I knew that the MX Master was the best mouse on the market, however I was extremely hesitant due […]

Beurer Compact Hairdryer

I’m one of those people who can’t live without a hairdryer. To prevent bad hair days when on the road, I used to travel with a little pink foldable hairdryer. But me being highly sensitive to the uniformity of my items, I eventually made an executive decision to get myself a new hairdryer that suited […]

Bellroy Apex

The Bellroy Apex is a $500 backpack that’s never failed to be a jaw-dropper, for both the right and wrong reasons. While it’s definitely a luxury product, it’s also expertly designed. Besides the fact that it looks gorgeous, it is packed with features. I assumed that the marketing claims were merely gimmicks, but the bag […]

Uniqlo Black Socks

I’ve always had a strong ideological opposition to the idea of having to search for your matching socks. It causes so much annoyance, and results in so much chaos when you have to resort to wearing mismatched socks. I would imagine that if I were a lady, you’d never catch me wearing mismatched underwear, because […]

Uniqlo Heat Tech Thermal Shirt

I used to have my doubts about thermal wear, but try wearing these in actual heat and you’ll see (feel) that they actually do retain your body heat quite effectively. Coming from one of the most hot and humid places on earth, I only use these while travelling.

Merino Turtleneck

I got this from Uniqlo. I definitely have an affinity for turtlenecks. I would usually get my clothing in black, however in this case the dark grey went well with creating separation from the rest of my black clothing so that I don’t look like I’m wearing a singular giant black jumpsuit.

Merino Collared Shirt

This is my favourite piece of clothing for the summer. It keeps you cool, and also looks smart. I pair this shirt with my Black Jean Shorts, Leather Belt, and Black Sneakers for the perfect everyday summer outfit.

Swim shorts

These shorts double as workout shorts. This is an example of an item that I just happened to have, but ended up being a rather good item.

Clarks Desert Boot

These boots have seen Singapore, South Africa, Dubai, Japan, and Los Angeles. I’ve had them since 2018 and they show no sign of needing to be replaced anytime soon. As with any good leather product, it develops a gorgeous patina over time. If these boots gave way, I’d get the same pair again.

Leather Jacket

I got this from a thrift store in Cape Town for a steal.

Black Merino Boxers

I own 2 pairs of merino boxer shorts. With its anti-odour, anti-bacterial qualities, Merino wool is definitely the perfect material for underwear.

Black Jean Shorts

I got this in Cape Town because the African sun was too intense for jeans.

Merino T-Shirt

This was the first Merino T-Shirt I got. I loved it so much that I got the V-Neck variation of it as well.