Owndays Sunglasses

When I was an early teen, I thought the idea of wearing glasses was the coolest thing ever. I even wore fake glasses for awhile and made up an elaborate story about why I wore glasses all of a sudden. “Cringe phases” are interesting aren’t they. You look back and you wish it never happened, […]

Cotton-On Sweatpants

I am ashamed to say that I do own a pair of grey sweatpants. I got these when I was a lot younger, and it’s rather amazing how they still fit well. However, I’d still like to get a pair of sweatpants that I really love as these are a cold weather staple if you […]

Decathlon Sports Underwear

With clothing items like socks and underwear, I’m extremely picky about all of them matching. If they aren’t my Merino boxers, all of my other pairs are strictly identical. These boxers are light, breathable, affordable, and easy to get. In terms of durability, the elastic band tends to loosen after awhile. However, the new ones […]

Mr. Price Sneakers

For the longest time, I owned only a pair of beach shoes that provided zero support, and a pair of heavy leather desert boots. Whenever I did need sneakers, I’d just borrow my brother’s. Perhaps this reflects poorly on myself, but I never engaged in physical activities often enough to justify actually getting a pair […]

Decathlon Dry-Fit T-Shirt

I own two of these shirts. I am not an expert in the field of sports clothing, therefore I chose to go with a cheap option for now. I do intend to look for better quality sports attire at some point, however I do have a philosophy that I shouldn’t spent too much on a […]

Leather Belt

Nothing special about this belt, got it from Uniqlo. Would want to get a good quality leather belt one day.