mater dolorosa.

We know her by her crown

with the serpent at her heel

Ave Maria

Before her we kneel

A mother full of mercy

preserves us from His wrath

at the hour of our judgement

at the hour of our death

But beyond her intercession

and her ever-flowing grace

She knows how it is to hurt

and for tears to paint a face

While many took the stake

with a final declaration

Her martyrdom began

at our Lord’s presentation

A suffering she endured

from the first sword of Simeon

A pain only amplified

by her immaculate conception

For us mere sinners

our pain tends to sting

But for the ever-sinless virgin

it was a greater suffering

From His birth to the passion

lamentations she had none

Her heart took the seven swords

in union with her Son

We know her by her crown

full of grace, gratia plena

We tend to forget our Holy Queen

knows what it means to suffer

So in the highest of our highs

and the lowest of our lows

Let us never fail to look

to our Lady of Sorrows