Beurer Compact Hairdryer

I’m one of those people who can’t live without a hairdryer. To prevent bad hair days when on the road, I used to travel with a little pink foldable hairdryer. But me being highly sensitive to the uniformity of my items, I eventually made an executive decision to get myself a new hairdryer that suited my taste. After all, if I’m going to be using this item every single day, it better be one that I really love.

Of course, my first instinct was to tell myself that I needed a Dyson hairdryer. One of those fancy ones that will set you back almost a thousand dollars. I tend to be a sucker for quality items that come with a hefty price tag, my Bellroy backpack being a testament to that.

While the black and sleek look of the Dyson was indeed seductively tempting, the price tag was definitely enough to encourage some minimalist discipline and hold back on the purchase while I searched for alternatives.

A few months later, I decided to finally check out the South African equivalent to Amazon, known as Takealot, just to check if they had any good travel hairdryers since my tolerance for my bright pink one was running out. To my satisfaction, they had the perfect hairdryer of my heart’s desires.

It was no Dyson, but it checked all the boxes. It wasn’t by a dodgy unknown brand, it was by a German company which usually can’t go wrong, it was decently compact, the colour scheme was exactly what I wanted, and it was a lot stronger as well.

The cherry on top was the reasonable price of about $50.

This was yet another example of how it’s often good to buy a really cheap item in the interim until you’re ready to make the big investment, or find an actually good deal on an item you really love.

Until I’ve got the money to burn on a Dyson, I see myself travelling around with this art piece of a hairdryer for a long time to come.