Apparently, I graduated last week and I wasn’t fully aware.

Honestly, I really enjoyed school.

I learnt so much about a field that I’m really interested in, and I’m grateful that Singapore’s education system allowed me to go straight to pursuing it rather than wasting 2 more years learning about math and science, which I am genuinely hopeless at.

I’m grateful that there are systems in place that recognised my abilities beyond my grades to grant me a place in an educational institution, and that there was substantial financial aid provided.
One benefit of Singapore’s only resource being the people, is that they really invest into developing a workforce.
I truly love learning.

I merely could not stand the environment, the people around me, the culture, and the incessant group projects.
But all the times I was allowed to simply sit alone, and listen to my lecturers and the insights they provided on the industry, those were more often than not, truly enlightening.

The peak of the experience however was definitely applying for an internship and getting one that I never expected to get (as someone who couldn’t even be bothered with it at first) at a multi-national company that opened up my eyes to the corporate world.
I’m grateful for this experience.

It has helped me grow as a person, and in my skills in the areas of business, journalism, advertising, production, etc…
Now, I’m just thinking if I could get a H1B visa with an Associate’s Degree equivalent in Media and Communication.

Probably not.
Can’t afford college either (nor do I want to put myself through a school environment again) so 💍 it is I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

Disclaimer: My praise for Singapore’s education system does not discount the fact that they take 2 years of your life away from you before allowing you to go to college if you so happen to have a penis.